Friday, April 27, 2012

erika's bridal shower: the favors

this part of the bridal shower crafting i am so excited about.  hence why i saved it for last!  when erika asked me to be her MOH and plan her bridal shower, i knew instantly (thanks to pinterest) what i wanted to do for the favors.  for years now, quite possibly as long as i can remember, we have had a box of baby food jars out in the garage waiting to be used.  well, considering that the youngest person in our house is now sixteen, and i don't think she was still eating baby food last week, you can tell that it has been a long long time :)

inside of the jars, the plan was to have bath fizzies.  well, i made the bath fizzes as you can see, but ended up hated them.  they were a lot of work and turned up looking like crap.  if i hadn't decided to get fancy and beach themed with those and just left them in squares, i'm sure they would have been fine.  so that's when i resorted to the soaps.
 they went together easily, looked great, and i could incorporate both the pink and the orange colors of the bridal shower.  i ended up smashing up the bath fizzies in to the bottom of the jar (conveniently looking like pink sand) and then the sea shell themed soaps were able to sit on top of them.
the jar lids started out plain.  yep...  gerber all over them.  i sprayed them with some pink spray paint to get a base coat to cover the letters, and then once that dried, sprayed them with this super awesome glitter spray paint i bought at michaels.  i wish i had the name of the stuff... but it was just straight up awesome.  covered those lids like no other.  once the jars were full, and the lids were good to go, i tied a little orange bow around the outside of the jar  simple, easy, and love love loved how they turned out... though, i had to advise everyone in my house as well as at the bridal shower that they were NOT fruit snacks or jello... and eating them would probably turn out for the opposite of what they were expecting.  but they look so pretty!
what you need to make your own:
baby food jars (or any size jars, depending on how big or full you want to make them)
bath salts (i found the "recipe" from pinterest, which let me here to martha stewart)
spray paint
DIY soap whatnots (i bought it in the big block from michaels)
essential oils (i used pomegranate & vanilla... yes, it came in that mixture)
food coloring
coupons... it will help make that soap & glitter paint more reasonably priced
patience.  something i don't have when waiting for things to harden or cool.  fridges do wonders in helping the soaps set faster.

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  1. These sound amazing, and look so pretty, great job crafty lady.