Monday, April 16, 2012

weekend wips

a few things got done this week. here, there and everywhere. bridal shower mode is in full swing this week, since it's now down to 5 days until the shower. craziness! but i think if i lay out my list, check things off one by one, i'll realize that i have more done and ready to go than i actually thought i did. this past week was 95% bridal shower prep, and i'm warning you i took photos through instagram, even though i was planning to use my actual camera... so here goes:
favors: knocked these suckers out earlier on this week. my original plan changed from the fizzies, and at first i was planning to just eliminate them all together, i ended up using them in the base of the favors under the soaps. tied some bows on them, and they were all good to go. no really, i think they're adorable, but you'll have to wait until next week to see them :)
games: i'm down to just having to print out the cards for bingo & advice for the bride. though i may do the advice cards the same way i did the invitations, i haven't decided yet. the memory match game has been done for quite some time now, and i just need to buy TP for the dress game. yesterday while i was at erika's, in between baking & girl talk, i grilled matt with some intense questions (yeah right!) for the trivia game. got home and loaded, edited, and burned the entire thing to a dvd. check that sucker off my list!
cakes & frosting: this is what erika and i spent a big chunk of our sunday doing. we did a practice run of the cakes & cupcakes she wanted for the shower this upcoming saturday, and boy was it a good thing we did. we were able to gauge how well the barbie cake cooked (red velvet with cream cheese frosting) and how the cupcakes turned out (chocolate with peanut butter frosting) as well as whether we need to make any alterations to the process. we have decided to go with mini cupcakes instead of full size ones, thinking they'll be easier to eat, as well as potentially prettier to look at. oh, and cake barbie needs a veil. and a hairbrush to tame her wild hair. we also decided that when erika & matt move to roseville, we need to take another cake class together :) and i promise i will be taking most of my photos on friday & saturday with an actual camera, and not my phone.
unrelated: off of the bridal shower topic, i made curlers saturday and test ran them in aileen's hair. they seemed to turn out pretty well (full blog post on that probably sometime this week) but as goes the rest of the projects done this week, will probably need some alterations for the next round.

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