Monday, April 9, 2012

weekend wips

for being spring break, i would say things were very productive. i had a few drastic changes to make for certain projects, but they turned out 1000 times better than the original plans. reality has set in that the bridal show is less than TWO WEEKS away from today, and so i think my brain has entered psycho planning OCD check list mode.
wedding garter: i know the style and what not that are going to be used, and all that jazz. i need to get her measurements for it though, and then knocking that out should be no problem at all. not stressing about that at all.
bridal shower: 12 days away! AHHHH! okay, calming down now. i redid all of the favors, because the bath fizzies looked like crap, and the more i looked at them, the more i didn't like them. i was originally going to do half fizzies half soaps anyways, but i've now decided to do all soaps, and they look a million times better. they turned out fantastic, and i was able to alternate the colors of pink & orange between all of them. once i get the final rsvp list, i can start putting them in to jars and figure out if i need to make any more. other than that, i have to buy the TP for the dress game, print out the bingo & advice cards (those rely on rsvp as well) and make the trivia video. we're doing a cake/cupcake trial this weekend so i'm sure at some point i will be able to interview & record matt so i can edit it next week easy peasy. then at this point next week, i'll be down to the final count down... YIKES
baby shower: totally done. well, almost. just down to the hand sewing part, which is just about halfway done at this point. i ran out of big bang theory dvds to watch since we finished up season 4 last week, so i'll have to find something else to mindlessly watch as i am stuck hand sewing... my least favorite thing.
t-shirt quilt: front and back are DONE. i knocked out sewing the front together in one day, and then added the border on from stuff in my stash that i bought awhile ago to make a skirt or something. bought batting on friday, and then on saturday sewed together the pieces for the back - also stuff from my stash. the only thing i have had to buy recently for this project was the batting. which makes me super thrilled.
other stuff: i did a little cricut-ing this week for a project i saw on pinterest and was dying to make. i have to wait for my brother to cut a slot in the frame before i can show it off, but it turned out just as i had planned. whoot whoot!

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