Thursday, April 26, 2012

erika's bridal shower: the games

introducing hunger games: erika's bridal shower edition.  okay, TOTALLY KIDDING (i just finished reading that book) but for reals that this is the post all about the games we played.  i wish i had more action shots of some of the games, but unfortunately i didn't think to multitask at that point.  there were a total of five games (technically four, but we split one in to two categories) that were played throughout the shower.  i will go ahead and post about each game in the order that they were played :)
the memory match candy bar game
this game came as a mention from lisa, who played this game at a baby shower.  with a few google searches, i was able to find a good amount of words & candies to make the game take action.  how i made it was 2 pieces of foam core, 40 blank cards sent through my printer, my cricut machine for the numbers, glue & velcro.  20 different words were printed on to the cards, and then spread out across the two boards.  the numbers were made using the "all mixed up" cricut cartridge and then run through my sticker maker.  rubber cement and super glue were used to hold the cards to the board, so that the velcro wouldn't pull the card off when opened.
this game seemed to go over really well once everyone started to warm up to the party games and get in to them.  there were some good laughs over figuring out what word would get what kind of candy bar, and big oohs and whispers when someone knew they had seen the word before.  definitely will be bringing this game back when erika has a need for a baby shower :)
toilet paper dresses
let me just tell you... once erika and i split these ladies up in to teams and handed off the rolls of toilet paper, they were planning and designing in an instant!  since we also had pink & orange streamers that didn't have a place to be put up for decorations, we allowed them to get creative and add some color accents to their toilet paper dresses. 
judging was no easy task, that's for sure!  and i'm super glad i didn't have to do it.  our fabulous three models (props to jessica, katie & angelica!) did a wonderful job showing off their gorgeous dresses, which will TOTALLY be runway ready for spring 2013
jessica's team won the prize for their one shoulder flowing creation.  what won erika over was the detail put in with the accessories.  she had bracelets, necklaces, and a HUGE tp ring on her hand.  if only it was real gems!
how well do the bride & groom know each other? trivia game
so i totally don't have any photos from this, but the results from this turned out HILARIOUS.  screams of joy when erika matched up answers with matt, and sighs when he said something totally bogus of what she didn't match up with.  what everyone else had to do is once the question was read, wait for erika's answer, and then guess yes or no to whether they thought erika & matt would match answers.  the first set of questions were about erika (where she was born, favorite food, first date) and the second half were almost all of the same questions, but about matt.  well, i guess i should let you in on some of the fun, so here are a few of my favorite questions with matt's answers :)
bridal shower bingo
pretty much a bridal shower staple game.  you can't have a bridal shower without playing this game it seems.  well, i may have not done it when i threw lisa's bridal shower, but at that point i was unaware of the world of bridal showers and all that jazz.  anyways, i made the cards in photoshop, and then had my dad print them off in color at his office.  i'm really happy with how they turned out, so that's that!
advice for the bride
the only other thing that wasn't exactly a "game" was the advice for the bride.  everyone was given a slip of paper to write wedding or marriage advice for erika.  i printed off one of their engagement photos, slipped it in to the cover of a photo album and then the individual cards could be put inside.  i glittered the edges of the cards in order to have them be a little more fun and a little less "blah" (as well as match her invites).  unfortunately, i don't have any photos of the book or the cards.  oh well :/
so there you have all the games!
tomorrow is the last bridal shower post, and that's the favors :)  maybe i'll post the photo of the gift i gave her a little bit larger (i didn't get crafty with the shower gift) so that you can see what it is :)

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