Thursday, April 19, 2012

homemade fabric curlers

growing up, i always always always wanted a my size barbie. well, thanks to being exceptionally taller than anyone else when i was little, my size barbie wasn't even my size. well, it's taken nearly 16 years to get to this point, but i finally have my own personal "my size barbie"... and i'm sure my sister is going to love seeing me call her that. anyways, thanks to another pinterest find for me to try out, and a saturday full of nothingness, i decided to give these curlers and shot, and see how well they would turn out... and what i might potentially need to change for round 2.
i pulled the fabric from my scrapbox, and these were all on top since i had searched through there for baby shower inspiration that was changed abruptly. in a whole afternoon, i cut, sewed, turned, stuffed, and sewed 15 curlers together. the buttons had to be hand sewn on the ends, which went super easily.
i've had my sewing machine for 2 1/2 years now, and my mom has had her janome longer than that, but we both STILL can't figure out the button holer. so i had to pull out ye ol' kenmore and sew the button holes in the end that way. until it started to fight me. seriously. i was planning to leisurely sew button holes while watching footloose, not start a world war with a machine. mom was able to get them to go though. thank goodness.
wrapped her hair up in semi large chunks (as it appeared from the original blog post i saw these curlers from) and sprayed it down with hairspray. they all went in fairly well, and i think the tight squeeze of the buttons in to the button holes helped held them tight. then, she was off to bed to sleep the night away... i never found out how comfortable they were to sleep on though...
took the curlers out...
and it was beautiful. i should have left it like this. haha. just kidding. i'm sure she would have washed it out in two seconds if i did. i combed it out a bit, twisted the front back, and it led to...
this. not too shabby. there are a few things i would do differently for next time though. i would do a little bit smaller chunks of hair, which would hopefully allow for better "curls". the other thing i would change would be the type of hair spray used. this stuff was some mega hold spray or something, so the curls were pretty crunchy coming out of the curlers. hopefully that would help them lay nicer or something. i'm no curler expert, since the only way my hair really keeps curl is doing rag curls, so having someone else's hair to try it on is always a bonus. plus it's much easier than trying it on my own hair.
the original curler tutorial is listed here: life with monkey

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