Monday, April 2, 2012

weekend wips [& over the weekend fun]

well... here is what DIDN'T happen this week. sunday i was set and all game to go laying out the blocks from my t-shirt quilt to get them organized and ready to sew... until i found that SOME furball in this house had decided to mark them as his territory. yeah, i was NOT a happy crafter yesterday. i really wanted to do something crafty, but honestly could not figure out what... and when i did decide on something, i had to throw everything (and my hamm stuffed animal) in to the washing machine. dang cats. can't live with them, can't live without them... anyways, here is what did happen this week.
the wedding: well, i didn't do anything productive as far as MY wedding related projects go (aka the garter) but i did help the future mr. & mrs. bust out some wedding invites on friday night. after a whole lot of hole punch distance calculations & ribbon length testing skills... we went for it. matt was assigned the rsvp card envelopes - stamp, label, insert card. erika did the ribbon cutting, & i punched holes like a boss. she sure did enjoy trash talking my hole punches lining up, but i showed HER when i handed her the hole punch. after a few cards, my power of the hole punch was reinstated. but seriously, it was a pretty fun night of gossip, assembly & of course, the appropriate TLC friday being brideday shows :) the invitations look bomb by the way... she may thing they were pretty intensive & a crazy idea... but all the hardwork really paid off and they look fantastic! once i get mine in the mail, i'll be sure to show it off since they will have gone public at that point ;)
the bridal shower: i bought the final candy bar for the memory match game... and until yesterday early evening, i thought that would be the extent of my progress. lame, right? well, i couldn't let that be the end of it, so after i put together another bridal shower invitation, i headed out with my trusty can of spray paint and added another coat to the jar lids for the favors. once that dried, i took the can of glitter spray to them, and they look AMAZING. i ran out of daylight, so i'll have to spray them once more when i get home from SF this afternoon, but at least i can say i progressed. i'm sure since i don't work at all this week, i'll plan to work on the soaps part of the favors as well. we're also planning to do a cake/cupcake trial run at some point, so i'll be sure to share about that too!
the baby shower: here is where ALL my productivity went. as you know from last week, i cut and pinned a bunch of things together. well, monday i sewed everything, tuesday i bought the batting, & wednesday i pinned to be quilted. sent off to my grandma on thursday. i'm sure hoping she'll appreciate the size difference between the last project and this one. i just have to get past all my friends getting married with the big stuff to quilt, then it will be on to the much smaller stuff :)
saturday, saturday. what a busy saturday! things started off once jenny arrived at my house around 1:50. waited for amy to show up, and then drove over to kaseys to surprise her... well, here is the driving/surprise process...
after picking up kasey, we headed to fresh choice for buffet healthy food (and some gross cold roasted potatoes... but that's not important) after bruffins & rounds of across the table draw something games, we went to shane co. to pick up kasey's shiney rings. we attempted to see 21 jump street at century, but the movie started at 415, and it was nearly 430 at that point. drove over to blue oaks and got in just in time. well, to find out the theater was the size of my living room practically, & we needed to sit 2 by 2 in order to not be looking up channing tatum's nostrils. amy & i skipped to the loo (not literally) but came back to find that someone graciously slid over so we all could sit together.
the movie was HILARIOUS. partial stupid humor, but partial really funny stuff. the end was a little much, but still funny regardless. after the movie, we then voyaged BACK across roseville to outback steakhouse to have dinner with amy's parentals & brother & chris. forever and a day later sitting outside in the cold waiting for a table, we got seated. mmm pasta. came back to my house afterwards for some pictionary man, game of life, finding nemo & cat bonding time. over all, it was a pretty excellent spring break week kick off... or as betsy & i renamed it: "party for friendship week"
when it comes to modeling restaurant buzzers, i've really been working on my blue steel and magnum. i think the practice is really starting to pay off for me.

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