Tuesday, September 30, 2014

andrew's olaf filled birthday

today is a dear friend of mine's birthday, and i had to take him out last night for some celebratory ice cream & present giving.  i'm sure i've talked about andrew before, but you should just know that he's fantastic in every way.  i picked him up last night, and we drove to cold stone for some delicious treats.  he played "dj" in my car with my ipod transmitter, which of course meant we listened to some frozen music.  we had our ice cream treats, and then he opened his present.  well, it's safe to say he was pretty dang excited.
this face says it all...
here we are, modeling presents in cold stone. super classy, right? i made him some shorts and a pillowcase since frozen is the big deal right now. his phone case is frozen, his watch is frozen, he stood in line for three hours in disneyland to meet anna & elsa... the list goes on. there was another item that was supposed to go with this "bedtime set" but it decided to not work right on short notice... there is always christmas though!
of course, we took some fun pictures together before heading back to my car for more dj-andrew... complete with a "life is a highway" guitar solo and "let it go" with hand motions. he cracks me up.
pulled up to his house, he looked at his watched and said "oh. bedtime." once i got home, patty had sent me that photo of andrew all dressed in his olaf best, ready for his last night as a 24 year old.  happy birthday, my dear andrew.  i hope 25 is just as awesome!  now stop calling yourself an old man... i'm not sure what that would make me if you are :)

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