Monday, September 29, 2014

weekend wips

there was sewing
there was painting
there were failed attempts
there was seam ripping
and there was more sewing
yesterday was a fairly busy sewing day.
lots of projects got moved forward
and a few bummed out moments happened.
here is the recap of the last two weeks
well, today wraps up all of sewvivor over at family ever after, and what a journey it has been
four projects completed, all of which i am quite pleased with.  as a little link back, here are the four projects completed in order:
fun with flags
sweet retreat's little sister
hexing around
coloradifornia cameras
as promised, here are a few "in progress" photos of the camera quilt, since this post didn't happen last week:
quilt block swap:
i've officially finished up 5 partner sets, and i have 3 to knock out in the next 3 weeks.  considering i paper pieced a block, finished off a set of cats, and threw some red, white & blue strips together yesterday, i think i'll be okay.  no more weekend commitments at the moment (minus sarah & ray's wedding on the 11th) so i'll be good to go with time.
my three left to do are:
3 paper pieced blocks of my choosing
3 disappearing 9 patch blocks
3 blocks in person's personal design.
so close, and so far away
birthday present:
so my plan has been to screen print a shirt for my buddy andrew's birthday, but i went to do it yesterday, and the emulsion all washed off my screen :(  this was AFTER trying to get kinkos to print my transparency, but they refused.  i got the transparency printed at home, and still had a fail.  luckily, i've got a pretty awesome present for him still even without the shirt.  you'll be seeing that later this week, as i'll be seeing him tonight :)
other gifts:
knocked out four more today, with two more in progress.
i'm quite pleased with having all these small projects to do at the moment, since the lap quilt was so extensive (and took a lot of my arm strength... oy!)
halloween costume:
this year, i don't think i'm going to be making a new costume, but instead just revisiting the big bird idea i had planned out for two years ago.  the yellow dress is already made, and i purchased the costume headband off of amazon this weekend.  the tights have been floating around my room, waiting to be painted now and then it's just down to shoes.  right now, my plans are another murder mystery dinner at melissa's (given that i am currently scheduled to teach classes until 7pm that night until further notice) so i don't see a need to go all out and make a new costume this year.  party hardy, my friends.

as far as this week in posts goes, i'm hoping to have at least one or two finished project posts, as well as the weekly 365 project.  i cannot believe we are already at week 39 now people... where the heck did 2014 go?  this is madness, i tell you.

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