Monday, September 15, 2014

weekend wips

woo hoo, progress!
this week was crazy (i'll share more on that at the end) but i was able to bust out some crafting during the week in little bits here and there.  saturday i was at another wedding in tahoe all day, so that day got knocked out of progress.  i spent friday night after work knocking out my homework since i had a meeting with a friend planned for sunday.  woke up yesterday and the poor girl has been sick!  it has been postponed, so once the laundry was started, it was crafting time!  spent a whole bunch of time cutting out projects while watching up! (because i couldn't find wall-e... adult problems, i tell you) but i feel like i got a fair amount of stuff done.  let's recap, shall we?
challenge 3: complete.  see good ol' hexing around in it's entirety right here.  ususally i link up to simple simon and company (thanks to lisa's sharing of that party) but this week they linked up through instagram.  so i attempted that, but it's done, and i'm moving on to my final project for the sewvivor sewalong.
challenge 4 is moving right along.  the last day i was in colorado, i had to buy more fat quarters to finish off the block pieces, and i got those cut out today as well as the main front area.  i still need to figure out what i'm going to use for the borders and the backing...  coupon commotion is happening at joann's this week, so i'm certain i'll be there at least once or twice.  guranteed.
quilt block swap:
i knocked out a set of 3 blocks today, as well as one of a second set of three.  i ran out of green fabric for that one, so yep.  joann's is already on the plans for tomorrow once i get off work.  i think i have some fabrics figured out for my disappearing 9 patch... i just need to figure out the individual square sizes to see if it will work. after that, it may just be down to the paper piecing, the "where you live" and the person who created their own pattern with a month to go until send outs need to happen by.  oy!
gift collection:
i didn't quite get anything made off of this checklist, but instead found more fabric for these projects.  go figure.  my ebay purchases came, got prewashed, and organized by my mom while i was off at a wedding on saturday.  i've been making quite a few lists lately in regards to all my craft projects, so hopefully i'll be able to check things off my list for people.
except for my sister.  she's clearly getting nothing now.
the news:
so last week i mentioned having a working interview for a preschool on tuesday.  yes, that happened in all it's chaotic glory.  my day started with an observation at the lab school for class, then the working interview (it was picture day for them, so the schedule was off) and then lunch time for me.  THEN i had an interview with a second site that i basically played phone tag with all week, which turned in to a semi working interview with their after school program.  after they went out to recess and back, the program director told me she was given the go ahead to hire me on for their preschool program at a different site.  got my live scan paperwork, and i was on my way.  wednesday, i turned in my two weeks notice for calfit, and have begun the lovely transition period.  my last day at cff will be the 24th, so hopefully i can back up starting at the new school not long after.  live scan has been completed (as obnoxious as having to do it is) and on it's way.
happiness is finally moving on in to a licensed program.  i'm very excited for this new opportunity ahead of me, and that i'm finally moving in the direction of where my degree is going to take me  :)

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