Monday, September 8, 2014

weekend wips

i feel like this week has been madness all around.
i'm a little impressed i even got up yesterday, considering how exhausted i was after saturday.
 and i get to do it all again this week and then some. yaaaaaaaaay....
still moving right along with the hexagon challenge on this one.
i got all of the quilting done yesterday afternoon, and then began to slowly work through removing the basting.  after an engagement session out in davis, i finished all the basting removal, made the binding and then attached it.  all that is left is the handsewing.  my goal is to get this posted by thursday of this week... but between preschool observations, working interviews, homework and work work... i am hesitant of that happening...  positive vibes on all accounts, people!  then it's on to the lap quilt.  which i can hopefully bust out in time as well.  the plus side, i have some pieces already together on that one since i put them together in colorado.
quilt block swap:
i knocked out another set of three blocks last week.  well, on monday or tuesday i believe... whenever we ate dinner at arby's and i watched some undercover boss.  anyways, that makes 2 full sets completely done, and i think 6 more to do.  i should really get going on those as well.  i anticipate them coming together quite quickly once all sewvivor projects are complete.
scrappy square what-not
this really isn't an "in progress" project at the moment, but it should be mentioned that my mom found yet ANOTHER box of flannel that was used for christmas eve pjs in the past.  so as i was off second shooting with a photographer in tahoe on saturday, she chopped some squares out for herself, and a second set for me.  add that collection to my box, and yet again, put to the back burner.
gift collection
these gifts have an on going theme, and they'll randomly be completed from now until the holiday season.  i knocked another one off my list this past week, simply because i had the time for it and nothing else.  (clearly i could have been working on my hexagon challenge, but it hadn't set it to be crunch time yet).
additionally, i ordered some great fabric to go for a wedding gift for sarah & raymond's wedding next month.  i really love ebay sometimes...  random, yet perfect finds on there.  i'm so excited to see the fabric in reality, because it is quite perfect for them.

and now, i enter panic mode for a working interview tomorrow.
eeeeeeps.  here's to hoping i survive until next monday.

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