Monday, September 1, 2014

weekend wips

i almost saved this post for tuesday, since it was a "three day weekend" in real job world... but in mine line of work...  well, i'm at work right now actually.  besides i did a million things yesterday (it seems) and here's a smidge about it.
so saturday we went to mongolian bbq for dinner (yum) and as usual, there are fortune cookies.  i opened mine, and it said "the project you have in mind with soon gain momentum."  i laughed, thinking about the 20 million different things on the sewing table that are my project, and tossed it in to my wallet as i do with all my other fortunes and went on with it.  yesterday rolled around, and i decided to buckle down and get a few things knocked out for my quilt block swap, starting with one that i deemed hard.  well, after much sewing, grumbling and seam ripping, i finished four blocks yesterday.  not too shabby if you ask me!  as for the rest of the week, i did a few things here and there squished between back to school & work.
i finished all the blocks for my hexagon challenge, and now that i've progressed on my quilt block swap, i just need to piece everything together, quilt it and call it good.  i'm certain it will be a breeze, and then it is onward to the final lap quilt project (which i bought most of the fabric for this past week as well) and i think all i am lacking now is the border & the backing.
quilt block swap:
as far as this project goes, i completed four blocks yesterday.
i did a paper pieced eggplant for the "represent your hometown/state/country" group.  where are my loomis-ites at with the eggplant festival reference?  yeah, i thought it was pretty fitting.  and actually pretty easy.  makes me a little less scared about paper piecing.  i just need to work on cutting my fabric pieces a smidge bigger in order to get them to cover the whole spot they need to fill, plus seam allowance.  it took me three tries to get the pieces to not flop over and get sewn in the fold.  good thing i bought lots of purple.
the other block i did was the ribbon star block which took up most of my day.  had i referred back to the instructions and the words more than just assuming by the pictures, there may have been a lot less seam ripping and resewing... my mom helped a lot on that, so major kudos to her.  i finished all three blocks that were necessary for that person and can now check that off my list and move on to the next ones :)
christmas gifts
tis the season, right?  well, it will be here before we know it... and that means it's time to get crackin!
in the past, i've bought gifts for friends, but lately, i've started making things.  once year, i made all my friends pajama pants, and other years i know i've cross stitched a thing or two (at least for aileen & jenny).  this year, i've already set out on what i plan to make my friends (not quilts) and have started to hunt stores for the perfect fabrics.  as i find them, i tend to pick them up and add them to my fabric hoard (which is still in it's haven't done anything with state) and plan to get them all going at the same time.
birthday gifts
 a special someone has a birthday at the end of this month, and i've started to work on their birthday gift in the mix of all this holiday/swap/sewvivor madness.  yet another "perfect fabic" moment that just had to happen.  when you see the end result, you'll totally agree.  don't you worry :)

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