Thursday, September 4, 2014

petite trellis - baby mark

as you remember, i went to colorado a few weeks ago to hang out with my crafty cousin with hopes to meet baby peterson 3.0.  well, baby peterson didn't show up until LAST friday (a week after i left) but has already made it known that he's enjoying his gift.  well, showing as much enjoyment as a wee one can.  when lisa found out she was having a boy, we all knew that meant more superheros in her house.  kenty has turned in to quite the cat lover, so i started finding her things on etsy to send her, knowing they would make brett gag a bit.  but what started out as trying to bother brett turned in to a full fledged idea that i just couldn't let go.  over the years on our trips to san francisco, we have accumulated quite a few kliban cat shirts.  so many, that there is a t-shirt quilt for those in the plans.  anyways, i've searched ebay in the past for various kliban cat things for christmas gifts, and remembered this "super cat" sheet.  i searched it, found it, and boom.  plan was in action.  then i had to settle on a top to go with the back that would be super hero-esque without being cheesy and overwhelming to the back.  i purchased a quilt book at joann's with this petite trellis pattern in it and was one step closer.  i transferred the sample colors to primary colors (i was thinking superman-ish) and found these fabulous batiks at our local beverley's.
i was impressed to see how small these pieces were actually cut (for a hint, that yellow border on the outside was 1" wide) and was afraid it would be too small.  once the blocks pieced together, it all came together to be a perfect size for a little baby.  i guess i was just thinking it needed to be HUGE like the one i made for kent nearly 4 years ago ended up being.  i need to remember babies are small-ish.  here's another "in progress" photo.  i've tried to tone down my safety pin uses... this is tame compared to what i've normally done.  i just have a fear of layers shifting and the back looking ugly!
are you ready for the front yet? are you certain? here is it, front & back!
aren't those cats just fantastic?  i was really afraid it was going to be too small to get any concept of super cat on the background, but i was proven wrong.  and in this case, i quite enjoy being proven wrong.  i really love the front too.  i've taken quite a liking to bright, colorful baby quilts in contrast to simple pastels such.  the pattern was a little tricky to keep lined up, but they came pretty darn close in most spots.
i wanted to quilt in such a way that wouldn't distract from the front or the back.  originally i had blue variegated thread that i purchased for this project way before i settled on a design, or even the fabric.  my mom convinced me to do a white thread and it worked great.  i decided to simply stitch in the ditch around the yellow pairs, and then around the yellow border to "block" it in.  it doesn't take away from the front pattern, or the back cats, and it's something a little different.  i dig it. a lot
and there you have it! one of my favorite baby quilts so far (i'd actually quite fond of all the baby quilts this year) and i'm glad to finally share it with you!  funny thing i found out is after i had purchased the book and decided on the pattern, i was scrolling through my pinterest and found that i had pinned this exact quilt forever ago.  it was totally meant to happen!
so in short.
welcome to the world, baby mark.
rude of you to not show up early like we all hoped, but i think you were just trying to burst our bubble...  in that case, success.  i guess i'll have to make a trek out to colorado again to hang out with you.
for the pattern to make your own petite trellis quilt: click here

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  1. This quilt is gorgeous and my favorite one you've made to date, so glad its MINE!