Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 look back

it is currently 3am on december 31st and i have NOT prepared this blog post at all.
(why am i awake at 3am?  melissa's birthday dinner, 3 dr. peppers, dance moms... wide awake)
anywho, i spent today getting certified to rent long arm quilting machines (more on that later) and realized it was time for my year review of everything i've done!
while this year may not have been as blog filled as previous ones, it was rather eventful in many ways.  2 weddings, a handful of babies and birthdays were all valid reasons for crafting for some of my favorite people.  here's the run down of 2016's posts!
quilts: 13
science ribbon star quilt
dragons & knights on the nine patch
baseball baby quilt
peter pan mini quilt (plus a sew together bag and onsie)
blue, white & gold argyle wedding quilt
goodnight, quilt - winnie the pooh
baby a's charm (and 10!) quilt
musical charm (and 10!) quilt
musical amy butler's daisy chain 2.0
andrew's disney i-spy quilt
fandom filled amy butler's daisy chain
stripes & triangles elephant quilt
giraffe abstractions for baby a
cross stitch
bridal shower cross stitch collection
miscellaneous sewing
boba fett pillow
blush & gold rose ruffle apron
bridal/baby showers
aileen's nerdy bridal shower
erika's gender reveal
erika's baby shower decorations
big events
alaskan adventure
aileen got hitched
surprised lisa for her 30th (forgot to blog anything here.  but it totally makes the list)
this year in my personal life
i survived my first dog bite
bridesmaid for the 4th & 5th time (1st time not being a maid of honor)
took 2 major vacations
became lead teacher in a preschool classroom
turned 28
photographed 5 weddings
didn't sleep enough, but made up for it by eating lots of mexican food
stay tuned for my "plans" for 2017 post.  perhaps that won't happen at 3am.